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Sequoyah Country Club Wedding in Oakland | Jennifer & Noah

Some couples find it daunting to prepare for one wedding day, but Jenn & Noah decided one was not challenging enough, so they did two!  Not only that, one was on a small remote island called Oahu several thousand miles away from their home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But if anyone can pull it off, I can sense early on that it would be Jenn!  (Soon after we had started talking, she shared with me her pages of detailed spreadsheet she had prepared for her Hawaii wedding, all done online.)  Who can blame Jenn?  Who *doesn’t* want to get married on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, right?


The Hawaii wedding was a beautiful one, but Jenn & Noah wanted to share their wedding day with the majority of their family who reside in the Bay Area, so they hosted a brunch reception at the beautiful Sequoyah Country Club in the Oakland Hills over the weekend.


It started early in the morning as Jenn and her bridesmaids got ready.





Jenn told me that the Hawaii wedding day ran a little late, and it was raining constantly, so the portrait session there was cut short.  One of the perks of having a 2nd wedding day is that we have a 2nd chance to take photos with that beautiful dress!




Jenn’s 3rd brother was in the hospital with his wife who went into labor earlier in the morning, so whenever you see a white paper plate, that’s the siblings’ way of recognizing him 🙂


The reception starts off with a beautiful toast by Matron of Honor, Kim…


If you know Jenn and Noah, they’re self-proclaimed fanatics of anything Star Wars.  Everywhere you look in the reception hall, you’ll be reminded of Luke and his friends, starting with the seating chart, hand-drawn by Jenn!



And we can’t forget Noah’s Star Wars shoes!


And if that wasn’t enough…


That, my friends, is a hundred-pound ice sculpture of R2-D2 on the left at the buffet line!  The breakfast buffet, of course, was a hit — who doesn’t love breakfast all hours of the day?  And toasting with coffee and orange juice!


And guests were treated to Jenn & Noah’s favorite — ice cream sundaes!  Check out all the toppings, especially the gooey hot fudge!


And Jenn and Noah showed their love for Star Wars once again by kissing R2-D2.  Just FYI, their lips were stuck to R2-D2 and they had to be carted home like this (hahaha)!


Thank you Jenn & Noah for sharing with us your wonderful day.  And thank you for the thoughtful and wonderful gift! 🙂

Photography: Alex Win Studios (
Wedding Venue: Sequoyah Country Club (
Florist: Katherine Bergman (
Hair & Makeup: Alicia Lau (

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