The Palm Event Center Wedding in Pleasanton | Mirium & Tariq

I have to admit, my jaw literally dropped when I saw how The Palm Event Center was decked out on this wedding day.  Everything was impeccable — the tea candle lit barrels, the chandeliers, the rose petal and candle lined aisle, the beautiful florals…

You can certainly tell how much Mirium and Tariq wanted their big day to be special and how much all their family and friends meant to them with the amount of planning that must have gone in to make this day happen.  It would be a celebration that everyone certainly would remember!

The day had finally come, and with that, the bride and groom prepped to look their best for everyone.

With the traditional suspenders and classic black on white tuxes, Tariq and the boys cleaned up quite nicely.  In fact Tariq looked quite royal, don’t you think?

This while Marium prepared to slip into her gorgeous gown and look simply stunning herself.  Stunningly princess you might say…

Mirium and Tariq chose to spend a private moment before ceremony with a First Look.  But as you can see, the guys couldn’t resist looking on.  The couple didn’t care, and two could not be happier to see each other.

And not soon after, the ceremony began.  It was a packed house, and everyone was dressed to the nines.

We had a brief time afterward to get some portraits, catching the sunset before the light dipped below the foothills.

And the party began shortly after, starting with a beautiful First Dance!

And it continued with delicious traditional Afghani food, fun, singing and dancing!

The night didn’t complete without an alone time before the balloon send-off by all the guests!

Quite an awesome day and an awesome night for the beautiful couple.  I hope your wedding was everything you dreamed it would be and more, Mirium and Tariq.  Thank you sincerely for allowing me to capture it for you.

Thank you also to the wonderful folks at The Palm Event Center, and especially to Jenny Whitney who was always helpful with a smile — it was so good to work with you again.  And to Tony Chu who helped me capture some amazing images.

~ Alex


Photography: Alex Win Studios
Venue: The Palm Event Center
Event Planner: Jenny Whitney, The Palm Event Center
Music/DJ: Ahmed Hashem, DJ Ahmed
Florist: Edgar Martinez, Flowers by Edgar
Lighting: Nick Lehr, Fantasy Sound Event Services
Food Purveyor: Zarmina Wahid, Salang Pass Restaurant

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