AlexI want to personally welcome you to Alex Win Studios.  I started what was Alex Win Photography back in 2011 and changed to Alex Win Studios a few years later when we expanded to offer cinematography and videography.  Based out of Pleasanton, CA, the studio primarily serves the Northern California area, but we’ve been known to also travel outside the area and state.

Our primary focus is wedding photography and cinematography, but my team and I are available to serve various corporate and private events as well as capture family portraits and help build individual portfolios.

If you happen to find this site while searching for wedding coverage — first of all, congratulations!  I’m sure you’d love to find out a little about me as you should, because you will be entrusting me with capturing possibly the most special day of your life.

Prior to starting the studio, I was focused and entrenched in hi-tech for quite a number of years and found passion in fueling startup teams that created awesome products, combining state-of-the-art hardware and software.  Typical Silicon Valley story, right?  I was then introduced to wedding photography as we created a product that was targeted at photographers, and my intrigue in wedding photography quickly caught fire.  That project became my last as after weeks of contemplating, I decided to switch careers.  I would dump a safe salary with really good benefits for the life of a starving artist starting from scratch and trying to prove that I belong in this industry!

Fast forward to today, and I’m still loving my now newish career, and my passion for both photography and videography keeps growing every day.  If I’m not with family and friends, I’m either shooting, editing, with clients, editing (wait, did I mention that already?), scouting, or looking at ways to capture your special day even better.

When you hire me, I will be the lead photographer and/or cinematographer, and I will be with you throughout the whole day.  And I will be the one editing all your photos and videos as I’ll be delivering the results that got you to choosing me.

Throughout the last 6 years, I’ve been blessed working with so many really awesome couples and families.  I look forward to meeting with you and chatting with you about your wedding day!  Click here and send me a note so we can start!

Alex Win

Alex Win Studios
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