I found Alex Win Studios through a web search and I’m so glad I did! His work looked great online and his quote was within our price range/budget.

On the phone, I felt very comfortable talking to him (like a friend) and immediately booked him before anyone else would. I realized through wedding plans how important it was to trust your vendors. Through the process, I was able to trust Alex and had not met him until rehearsal night. I’m glad he came by to scope out the church and to meet the wedding party.

On our wedding day, we had a dilemma with a bridesmaid dress zipper malfunction and Alex seriously saved the day! He called a local bridal dress shop for us, just as were thinking about finding another dress. Within 15 minutes, our bridesmaid came waltzing in with her dress on and a brand-new zipper sewn in (thanks to J’aime Bridal). I knew, then, that Alex is awesome and more than just a photographer.

He cares about not just his work, but the people he comes in contact with. My family, friends, new husband and I are so impressed by his work, too. He has an artistic eye and captured such special moments of our wedding day. I’ll never tire looking at the photos he took.

He and his staff were so easy to work with. They were pleasant and funny, and made the wedding party comfortable in front of the camera. I highly recommend Alex Win Studios and would not hesitate to call him again in the future for special events.

~ Michelle & Nathaniel
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